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Analysis and determination of forging process Plan

Analysis and determination of forging process Plan

Published in:7月 ago

Good or bad economic effect, from the comparison can be identified. The technical and economic effect is carried out by comparative method. In order to make the conclusion of the analysis correct and reliable, it is necessary to enumerate the possible scheme or the alternative scheme by exhaustive method. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the so-called process analysis, to explore a variety of process schemes, and to prepare conditions for technical and economic analysis and selection of process plans. The tasks of process analysis can be summarized as follows: according to the functional characteristics of forgings, materials, shapes, dimensional accuracy, quality requirements and batch production, in existing or available equipment, devices, tools, energy, inspection means, Under the condition of management level and personnel quality, various technological schemes are put forward.

In process analysis, the following questions must be considered and answered.

  1. Whether the function of forgings can be satisfied.
  2. Whether the technical conditions and quality standards of drawings can be met.
  3. Whether the structure of forgings is reasonable, whether there is surplus dressing.
  4. Whether the machining allowance can be reduced.
  5. Whether the deformation force or deformation function can be reduced.
  6. Whether the metal streamline conforms to the drawings. Meet the requirements.
  7. Ensure the quality of the process omission.
  8. Whether the process and work steps have been the least .

9. Whether the material is fully utilized, and whether it is possible to forge with other forgings, one or more pieces of mold, 10. have not considered cold forging, precision forging, rolling, rolling, partial die forging, sectional forging, combined die forging, forge welding and other advanced technology.

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