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Integral flange

Threaded flange  is a kind of flange  which is connected by thread and pipe. The design shall be treated as a  lap joint flange The advantage is th...

Elbow pipe

The elbow is a pipe fitting that changes the direction of the pipe in the system.

Tee joint

Tee joint is used on the divider of the main pipe. The tee joint has three opening - one entrance and two exits,or two entrances and one exit,the ...

Lap joint flange

Lap joint  flange is  that used flanging or steel rings on the pipe end of flange , lap joint flange can be active on the tube end. Steel ring or f...

Socket weld flange

Socket weld flange refers to the flange of the pipe end part inserted in the ladder of flange ring, welded on the pipe end and the outside side. Th...

Blind flange

Blind flange is used for sealing the pipe plug,it can be removed at any time,

Slip on flange

Slip on  flange is suitable for pipeline systems with low pressure grade, low pressure fluctuation,low vibration.

Weld Neck Flange

Weld neck flange is most common in pipeline engineeringe.The construction of weld neck flangis convenient, high flange strength, good bearing condi...